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Journeys to the other side...

Are you being seduced by New Age sprituality?

I can’t say that I’ve found the Truth. What I can say is that I’ve had glimpses and moments of truth and it comes ever more apparent that the more I seek the actual Truth, the deeper the rabbit hole becomes. Until recently, I didn’t know that my soul was actually in darkness.

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Navigating the Silent World of Tinnitus – From Despair to Healing.

The Unheard Agony of Tinnitus.My story of discovering a new world of sound.  I was the one who was always asking people to turn down the volume of music or the one who avoided loud places. I found noise hard to bear and would find solace in the quietude of a walk with my dog. I had loved these strolls in the park with the soft whispers of the wind, the gentle rustling of leaves, and the comforting hush of a tranquil evening.  My world of sound was preferred when it was soft and quiet. One fateful day, my world of silence was shattered forever. A day I will never forget and that is imprinted as trauma in my memory. A persistent ringing crept seemingly, from out of nowhere in my ears. It was abrupt, disturbing and frightening. It came for no real apparent reason. However, my fiancé would later insist that I had complained for months that my ears were ringing every now and then. It had always been temporary however and would go away and I’d think nothing of it. I always forgot about it.  This time was different. The unwelcome visitor kept on ringing and wouldn’t stop. Days would pass and the sound became painfully unbearable. I began to panic. An anxiety welled up inside me of which I had never felt before. How could my brain do this to me and why? I had never been to loud concerts. I had always been protective of my ears, and yet I had this awful sound destroying my world of peace. The Panic Attack It was the first time in my life that I experienced a panic attack and it was horrendous. I wanted to run away from myself and yet I couldn’t. My body began to sweat,

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