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Certified Yoga Instructor, author and seeker on the path.

The rabbit hole of consciousness isn’t for the faint of heart and takes courage and daring.

I’ve embarked upon the less-traveled path, one that tested the very essence of my being. I’ve tried meditation, tantra, yoga and embarked on an awe-inspiring plant medicine path.

Along this journey, I’ve encountered heartache, witnessed the ebb and flow of love, and danced with the allure of shadowy figures. Yet, through it all, I’ve returned full circle, rekindling the flame of my inner strength.

Venturing into the labyrinth of consciousness demands more than just resolve; it calls for unwavering courage and audacity.

Are you ready? Wake up and cease your sleep today. Read the stories, try the Awakening Lessons – in the end, discover YOUR TRUTH.


"The phenomenal world beyond our everyday perception is a place of realizable beauty and potential. Any attempt to match it forces you into an age-old battle between familiarity and the destruction of your old self. By focusing on the heart and soul, you can reach the place where freedom reigns."

-Petra Valica ~ From Sipping Green Tea and the Journey to Me.

Where it all began…

I was drowning and I couldn’t breathe…

Everything had gone dark. Swimming freestyle, I turned my head just above the surface of the water to take in air. Instead, my lungs were unexpectedly greeted with a large wave of chlorine-filled water. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t yell for help, I couldn’t swim. I was drowning and thought, is this how I’m going to die…

My near-drowning incident was a metaphor for my life. I felt overwhelmed and unhappy.  On the surface, I had what seemed like the perfect life, a great guy, a stellar career and was traveling the world. Yet all of it didn’t seem to satisfy a gnaw in the pit of my stomach. I was drowning and filled with fear…

My Awakening…

It happened quite unexpectedly when I was least looking for it. I’d been practicing meditation for several years without feeling like I was getting anywhere. Then quite out of nowhere, I met what I thought was a Guide. Together we traveled down the rabbit hole of desire, bliss seeking, tantra, and what ended up into a dark and confusing path. I fell in love, fell out of it again and eventually woke up to my own internal calling.

My darkness was my blessing, however. Everything happens for a reason and through my trials, I discovered my power. 

Touching the Divine…

Fast forward some years later, and I found myself on another spiritual journey. For years I had been called to try Ayahuasca and in the Winter of 2019, I planned and booked a trip to Peru. I was excited beyond belief. The jungle was calling and I had finally taken the step and faced my fears. 

Everything was booked and I was ready to journey into the other realm and learn the lessons I needed to heal. Then the unthinkable happened. The world shut down. I was devastated. Even more so, what did it mean? Maybe I actually wasn’t ready. I decided I needed a break from my spiritual path and focused on getting grounded. I forgot all about the journey until one day when a friend came over, I was introduced to the medicine of Iboga. I received my first introduction to the mysterious world of its ceremony. I was hooked. I instinctively knew this is what my soul needed.

To learn more about Iboga and my experience, read my story here.

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It’s not all bliss and rainbows. Discovering who you really are takes courage and daring.

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