Are you being seduced by New Age sprituality?

I can’t say that I’ve found the Truth. What I can say is that I’ve had glimpses and moments of truth and it comes ever more apparent that the more I seek and journey deeper down the rabbit hole the more questions I have.

Ever since I was a young child, I was fascinated with things that were not of this world. I never felt like I belonged on the planet. I was awkward, quiet and for some reason felt, unsatisfied. At a very early age, I began my search for what I thought would be a better truth. I grew up Catholic and the harsh restrictions that were placed as ‘rules’ to live by, felt dogmatic and old-fashioned. The Bible, to me, was just a story filled with passages I couldn’t relate to.

As I grew older my desire to escape the world became my singular focus.

I became increasingly frustrated and depressed because my life didn’t feel complete or filled with purpose. Astrology and tarot cards were my outlets for a world where I could foreseeably create an existence that seemed preferable. The promise of a better life, through new age practices, was my hope. I experimented with the law of attraction and began a rigorous meditation practice. I delved into yoga, energy healing, and astral travel. The more I searched, the more I became entranced with the seduction of spiritual ‘bliss’. 

My first out-of-body experience was so amazingly beautiful that, given a choice, I would never have returned to my body. In this space outside of me, there was no judgment, no negativity, no endless thoughts hammering at my mind, nor a desire for anything. It was pure bliss and love. A kind of love I had never felt before. 

Since that experience, my entire driving force was to recreate it. It was as if I had broken the veil of illusion and was a bird freed from its cage – at least for a moment. I could see through to the other side of the mirror having tasted from the tree of knowledge. Little did I realize, that I had had a kundalini awakening and it was beautiful. 

Herein lies the danger of spirituality that’s focused on bliss, however: it comes from an ego state. The ego desires pleasure. The ego desires to be God. The ego is in search of a truth that is illusory. This type of awakening can masquerade itself as truth and understanding, by promising everything our ego wants. This type of new-age philosophy is like a lover that is seducing us with the promise to fulfill our heart’s greatest desires.

I was guilty of no longer desiring to find God and the Truth but seeking pleasure and bliss.

It was an escape from the mundanity of life. I was in love with myself. The more I pursued new age truth, the more pleasure I experienced and the more I grasped for it. I had lost the essence and importance of my first experience. Nothing else mattered and my life began to spiral downwards. My energy body was being attacked and my health began to falter. At the time I didn’t connect the dots. As my life turned into chaos, I dug my heels even deeper into the New Age. I felt that it was my fault.

Clearly, I didn’t get it yet. Clearly, I had forgotten the truth, that I was a spark of the Divine. 

Are you being seduced by the New Age?

This type of spiritual philosophy promises us so many things. You’re being seduced if you’re searching for a truth that benefits you – a truth that’s focused on your inner self rather than giving of yourself and to life. You’re being seduced if you’re practicing the law of attraction to merely create a life for your own personal pleasure. 

Truth asks us to let go and let God, whereas I was trying to control all aspects of my life based on ego need and desire. When life is out of your control it can make us feel incredibly uncomfortable. We don’t want to look at the deeper and more difficult aspects of awakening. Instead, we come out of one lie and fall into another.

Mostly, you’re being seduced by the new age if you believe that you are God from your ego state. Our own narcissist self-created image displaying our personal neo sign of God, saying ‘follow me.’  

Are you God? Or have you been given a spark of the Divine with you? Those are two very different things. God doesn’t care about your ego.

God gives you what you NEED. Let me repeat that,  God gives you everything you need in order to save your soul.

God is concerned with saving your soul and not with giving you the ‘house on the beach.’

You have a choice –  ultimately the path you choose leads back to ego or leads to true spiritual awakening.

Be aware of the seduction of bliss, for the New Age is Hansel and Gretel’s gingerbread house. It’s all sweet and delicious seduction until the illusion is broken and you see the burning oven that is ready to devour your soul. 

You cannot serve two masters. 

What will you choose?

God Bless

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